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A short sexy story to wet your appetite......

I fall asleep naked, waiting for you... only to be awakened by a someone parting my legs. There I am....

I'm laying on the bed.. spread eagle.. you stand over me teasing me with that wet, hard cock. Taunting my clit with the head of it.. making me beg for more. Slowly you come up to my face and I begin to consume you.. I take your dick in my mouth and swallow it in my throat. I can tell you're turned on by the glazed look in your eyes. I continue to please you with my mouth. Running my tongue up and down the shaft and around the head of it. All the time you're finger fucking my sweet pussy... you lick my juices off your fingers and give me a taste too.. forcing 3 of your sticky fingers in my dick filled mouth.

You turn me over and enter me from the back.. running both of your strong hands down the center of my back...holding my hips as you pull me back on that hard cock. "Damn, you got a tight pussy," you whisper as you enter my tight, juicy hole. I gasp as your thickness spreads my cunt wide open..stretching it to its maximum potential. It hurts so good and I began pushing back on your cock. You grab my long blond hair and force me to take your fingers into my open mouth. I taste my own sweet juices and this intensifies my aching, my longing to have my cunt ravaged by you.

"Hit the back!" I beg you as you ram your nine inch steel rod into my creamy softness. I begin to rub my clit furiously, I bite down on your fingers and cum all over your marble hard cock. The pain from the bite coupled with my throbbing, climaxing pussy brings on your orgasm. You pull on my long blond hair until I cry out, "Fuck me hard dammit, please fuck me!!" And you do!! You fuck the hell out of my juicy, swollen pussy! "I'm gonna cum," you moan as you withdraw and shoot your hot juice. I feel it hit the top of my ass and my back. You thrust your cock between my ass cheeks until you go limp. Slowly you release my tangled mane which is also wet with your thick cum, withdraw your fingers from my mouth and kiss my bruised lips gently.

I'm already half asleep as I hear you lock the door and back out of the driveway. As I lay there, wet and mangled, I drift off to thoughts of your hard cock ravaging me again.

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Pervy Lit is a literary community where authors can post erotic original
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